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VertifaceĀ® is a decorative wall covering and screen fabric made from durable non-woven 100% polyester. This top-quality wall fabric allows designers to create warm, inviting spaces that can still stand up to the rigorous wear of education and commercial use. Vertiface is available as a fine, soft velour or classic textured rib, in an extensive range of 40 colours.

Price is per lineal meter. Minimum length order of 5 meters. Full Roll length is 25 meters. 15% off discount for Roll Order calculates at checkout.

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Autex Vertiface

Autex Vertiface Insulation is Autex’s most versatile product. It is literally the face of some of our most well known products like CompositionĀ® and SymphonyĀ® and can be added to our QuitespaceĀ® Panel so that they match your unique design ideas. But you may decide you want to use it to make lampshades or cover your furniture because it is one of the most durable, hard wearing and UV resistant fabrics in the market today.

So, if you have inherited some tired acoustic applications and want to change their colour or improve their look, Vertiface is the perfect tool to upcycle what youā€™ve got, matching it to a new interior or giving it a new lease on life.

You can cut to any shape, creating something as unique as each one of us. Itā€™s highly durable and takes everything you can throw at it giving you the assurance of longevity.

Aesthetic and functional sensibility

VertifaceĀ® is a durable, decorative wallcovering made from 100% polyester fibre. Available in a diverse colour palette, Vertiface offers design freedom with a side of functional sensibility. Vertiface can be used as a furnishing fabric, wallcovering, and acoustic panel overlay; with a soft velour finish on one side, and sleek flat pile on the other, itā€™s perfect for a variety of interior applications. Vertiface is hook-and-loop receptive and pinnable with a self-healing surface, ideal as a laminate for acoustic pinboards.

Features and benefits

  • Pinnable and hook-and-loop receptive
  • Design flexibility with 40 colour choices
  • Easily customisable
  • Can be used as a furnishing fabric, wallcovering, and acoustic panel overlay

Application of Autex Vertiface

  • Decorative and functional textile wallcovering for education, commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail, and hospitality sectors
  • Hook-and-loop receptive surface for education and commercial sectors
  • Use in conjunction with other Autex Interior Acoustic products



  • Product Name VertifaceĀ®
  • Composition 100% Polyester Fibre (PET)
  • Roll Dimensions 1.3m x 50m
  • Other widths are available on request, minimum order quantity applies
  • Tolerance (+5mm) x (+10mm)
  • Thickness (nom.) 3-4mm
  • Weight Typically 380gsm
  • Finish Available in fine velour
  • Hook-and-loop receptive surface. (A hook of 1.5mm or less is recommended.)

Color Options

Colours on our site may differ slightly from colours on Autex site. Please check to Autex site to be sure –


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