Between Floors Insulation

Looking for between floors insulation or mid-floor insulation products? Look no further. In Insulation Easy Australia, we have insulation products of those types.

What is it?

An area often forgotten for acoustic insulation is between the home floors with a second floor or more. It can limit noise transfer and ensure a peaceful home to relax in. Insulation Easy Australia recommends installing either acoustic insulation or ceiling insulation.

Why should you install Insulation Between Floors?

Thermal Benefits

There are thermal benefits to installing insulation mid floors, mainly if most of your time will be spent either in the house’s upper or lower level. In that case, any indoor heating or cooling appliances will work more efficiently to maintain a stable temperature throughout the house. By installing it, it helps reduce thermal heat loss between levels. 

Acoustic Benefits

The insulation can limit the noise between levels for a quiet space to relax in. Floor insulation can reduce up to 70% of noise levels between adjacent levels and maintain noise at an acceptable level. Children are shouting, loud music or even a noisy washing machine can create disturbances to the rest of the household. Acoustic insulation between two groups of a house can make a quieter home and contain its designated area. Mid-floor insulation is relatively easy to install, efficient, and great value for money.

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