Walls Insulation

Insulation Easy provides excellent internal & external wall insulation batts. You can also see the different thermal and acoustic wall insulation.

Wall Insulation plays an essential role in modern building construction to improve inhabitants’ living conditions and reduce energy costs.

Wall insulation can be thermal or acoustic in nature, and so the first step in choosing wall insulation is to know what you are trying to achieve.

Thermal wall insulation:

External walls are the barrier between your comfortable living space and the outside. Installing a high rated R-value thermal wall insulation in the exterior walls will reduce heat flow in and out of your home by up to 30%, making it easier and less costly to maintain a comfortable living environment inside.

Effective exterior wall insulation is usually a mixture of a reflective foil barrier wrapped around the wall wrap and a bulk thermal insulation material installed between the studs. 

Popular Thermal insulation products are:

Acoustic wall insulation:

With the increase in unwanted environmental noise, higher-powered entertainment systems, and modern open plan building design, acoustic wall insulation is now more critical than ever. If you’ve ever tried to sleep or work in a poorly insulated home, you will know it is challenging and uncomfortable to rest.

Acoustic wall insulation comprises heavy-density bulk insulation materials installed into walls to absorb and prevent sound waves. The more massive density and thicker the product, the better it will reduce noise transfer between spaces. 

Popular acoustic insulation products are:

It can be installed into an exterior or interior walls, depending on the controlled unwanted noise source.

The effect of correctly installed wall insulation can make a dramatic difference to the comfort and living conditions. However, installing any wall insulation is only cost useful and practical to do at the time of construction or renovation, so we advise careful consideration.

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