Insulation Rolls

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What is Insulation Rolls?

It can be installed in your roofs and underfloors to reduce the heat entering and leaving your home. Roof insulation rolls are installed under metal roofs backed with a foil-facing. Underfloor insulating rolls are considered as an alternative to insulating batts.

How is it applied?

It can be used for a top-up a layer in ceilings and walls. When insulating your roof, it starts by laying out insulation at the ceiling space’s outer edges and roll in towards the middle of the top and the utility hole access panel. Use any of-cuts in smaller spaces and the long roll on larger areas. For application on internal and external walls, start at the top of the wall, hang the insulation down, and cut to the required length.

Benefits of using Insulation

• It has high thermal performance suited for residential application

• It absorbs sound

• It is non-combustible, which means it can’t catch fire

• It reduces energy usage and can lower energy bills

• It is in a compressed packaged, meaning you have more m3 per pack

• It is Odourless

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