James HardieFire Rock-wool Insulation



James HardieFire Insulation is specifically designed for use in fire applications with HardieSmart systems.

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James Hardiefire Rock-wool Insulation

James Hardiefire Insulation is a Rock-wool fire protection insulation designed for use in James HardieSmart Blade and Aged Care wall systems. This product also contributes to the thermal and acoustic performance of the building. It is available in both 60mm and 85mm thickness and a range of available widths to suit

Storing and Handling HardieFire Insulation

HardieFire insulation should be stored in an internal dry area, out of direct sunlight, and not exposed to chemicals. James Hardie products must not be installed during an electrical storm and must be installed in a dry state to a dry surface and protected from the weather during transport and storage. HardieFire insulation has not been designed to withstand prolonged direct exposure to the exterior elements. Ensure that the insulation is completely dry prior to Installation.

How to Install James Hardiefire Insulation

When placing HardieFire insulation inside the wall stud bays, ensure a minimum 5mm compression along sides is maintained. If cutting is required, please allow 5mm in addition to the required dimension to achieve the above compression.

Keep exposure to a minimum and minimize quantities kept in work areas. Avoid contact with eyes. When handling and installing Hardiefire™ insulation, to prevent irritation ensure to wear:

• Safety goggles/glasses conforming to AS/NZS 1336,

• Protective clothing such as gloves and long sleeve shirts and trousers,

• P1 or P2 respirators.

How to Cut Hardiefire Insulation

It is recommended to cut outdoors. If cutting indoors, please ensure that workspace is properly ventilated or HEPA vacuums/dust extractors are used.

1. Position cutting station so the wind will blow dust away from the user or others in the working area.

2. Use a mechanical hand saw or reciprocating saw to cut James Hardie batts

Product Warranty

James Hardiefire provides a 10-year manufacturing warranty when used with HardieSmart Systems.


Thickness (mm) Width
60 420 1160 3.80 7
60 560 1160 5.10 7
60 420 1320 4.30 7
85 420 1160 3.25 5
85 560 1160 2.44 5


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60mm, 85mm

Dimensions (mm)

1160 X 420, 1160 X 560, 1320 X 420