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Why Insulate? – 6 great reasons – No. 2 will surprise you – Infographics Guide


A lot of people ask why they should insulate their homes or buildings. Here are some infographics on why you should insulate your homes.

Why Insulate? For Peace and Quiet

Noise pollution can be a big problem, especially as our country’s population continues to grow, increasing housing density. Part of being comfortable in your own house is not having to listen to outside traffic, your neighbor mowing his lawn, or even your kids playing in the playroom. Properly installed insulation does not only control the temperature of your home but also helps to reduce significantly the amount of inside & outside noise that travels through your walls & ceilings.

Insulation Reduce Energy Bills


Not only will adequately installed insulation make you very comfortable, but it will also reduce your energy bills. Cooling & heating account for around 35 – 40% of typical home energy use. Properly installed insulation will help maintain your home at a stable temperature all year round. You will use your air-conditioning or heating much less, greatly reducing your energy bill. A large home could save as much as 75% on heating & cooling costs, while a smaller house could save up to 60% compared to an uninsulated home.

Why Insulate? For Comfort – Cooler in summer & warmer in winter


Homes are sanctuaries from the outside world, so when you come home from a hard day’s work, you want to feel as much comfort as possible, so you can rest, kick off your shoes, sit back & relax. Not too warm, not too cold – just right.

Properly installed insulation is the key to a more comfortable home. It will help protect your home from the harsh Australian climate and create an environment cooler in Summer & warmer in winter.

Insulation Lessen your carbon footprint & help save the planet

Making your home energy efficient is an easy and great way to reduce carbon footprint in the planet.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has identified that buildings and houses represent around 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions due to their energy. Making your home energy efficient is a crucial step you can take to help reduce carbon footprint.

The main factor in your carbon footprint is carbon dioxide, and evidence suggests that it is one of the main contributors to global warming and climate change.

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To summarize why you should insulate your home in a short video: