Domestic Terms & Conditions

This quote is valid for 90 days

Ceiling insulation is only installed above Habitable Area (garages, Verandas, Alfresco areas etc are NOT INCLUDED unless specified).

PLEASE NOTE:  By accepting this quote you agree to the following  Terms & Conditions:

  1.  Payment is strictly 50% deposit & Balance prior to commencement.
  2. If home is older than 5 years, you confirm that you have had all wiring checked by a qualified electrician and confirmed it to be safe.
  3. Prior to commencement of work the electricity main switch needs to be turned off to minimize chance of electrocution.
  4. IMPORTANT!  Whenever walking across ceiling timbers there is an inherent risk of timbers moving slightly under weight which can cause plasterboard to crack.

By accepting this quote, you accept responsibility for this risk and absolve Insulation Easy of any liability. If on the other hand an employee should put a foot through ceiling plaster, Insulation Easy will effect repair.