Fletcher PinkĀ® Partition Acoustic Wall Insulation



PinkĀ® Partition insulation features a Next Generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling. Available in a range of R-Values and popular stud widths and cavity depths. Select your stud / joist width, thickness required and then choose an R-Value to see actual price and product information.

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Fletcher Insulation – Pink Partition Wall Insulation for Effective Sound Absorbtion

Partition Wall Insulation for Effective Sound Absorbtion

Fletcher Insulation – Pink partition is the high density specification of the panels (96kg/m3 and 168kg/m3) are designed to reduce sound transmission between rooms in commercial building applications.

  • Ā Provide an effectiveĀ isolating medium between adjoining rooms.
  • Suitable for use in concrete floor systems to create a sound barrier between floors (when installed between the floor membrane and the underside of the concrete slab).
  • Sanded on one side to provide a smooth aesthetic finish when a textile fabric is adhered to its surface.
  • Manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass.
  • Australian made.


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R1.2 – 11kg/m3 – 50mm, R1.8 – 11kg/m3 – 75mm, R2.1 – 11kg/m3 – 90mm, R1.3 – 14kg/m3 – 50mm, R1.9 – 14kg/m3 – 75mm, R2.2 – 14kg/m3 – 90mm, R1.5 – 32kg/m3 – 50mm, R2.2 – 32kg/m3 – 75mm, R2.7 – 32kg/m3 – 90mm, R3.0 – 32kg/m3 – 100mm


450mm, 600mm


1200m, 2700m


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