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AcoustiFlex®SQ flexible noise barrier is one of the most effective sound solutions for aircraft noise, traffic and railway disturbance. It is lightweight, easy to install and highly effective insulation method for sound insulation of ceiling and wall spaces.

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High Performance Flexible Noise Barrier

AcoustiFlex SQ flexible noise barrier is one of the most effective sound solutions for aircraft noise, traffic and railway disturbance.

Offering exceptional high performance, AcousitFlex SQ is durable yet flexible enough to be used almost anywhere noise control is needed. Hang or drape over fencing at construction sites or apply to walls and ceilings to block out noise from neighbouring properties and offices.

Available in a choice of roll sizes, weight and thickness, AcoustiFlex SQ features a soft and flexible visco-elastic membrane bonded to an aluminium facing foil with a reinforced polyester backing. It’s easy to cut and offers superior performance across the whole frequency spectrum.

Acoustica’s AcoustiFlex®SQ (formerly known as AcoustiFlex) noise barrier is highly effective against external noise from aircraft, motor vehicles, rail transportation, neighbouring properties and adjoining offices. Greatly reduces noise at construction sites when hung from an overhead structure or draped over temporary fencing. Available as AcoustiFlex® SQ 27, AcoustiFlex® SQ 29 and AcoustiFlex® SQ 31. AcoustiFlex®SQ consists of a flexible micro-cellular membrane bonded to an aluminium facing foil and reinforced polyester backing. The AcoustiFlex noise barrier has a matching acoustic performance of Rw 27 for The AcoustiFlex® SQ 27 (Wilkinson & Murray test results following page). The AcoustiFlex®SQ has extremely good sound attenuation over the full frequency spectrum.

Typically the AcoustiFlex®SQ 27 achieves the equivalent Rw of a competitors 4kg noise barrier,  AcoustiFlex®SQ 29 = 6kg noise barrier and AcoustiFlex®SQ 31 = 8kg noise barrier.

AcoustiFlex®SQ has been certified by the CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering as Group 1 Fire Rated.

Flexible noise barrier, maximum performance

  • Suitable for all types of noise disturbance and frequencies in particular aircraft and traffic

Cost-effective and durable

  • Low cost, long lasting with a 10-year warranty


  • Low VOCs – minimal protective wear required for installation

Flexible Noise Barrier Key benefits

  • Multi-use noise control – use in walls, ceilings and roofs, hang or fasten to any surface
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Available in three different roll sizes and different weights and thickness


  • Group 1 Fire Rating
  • Low cost, long lasting
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Low VOCs (Less than a recognised threshold of 0.5mg ‘Green Star’)
  • Easy to handle, cut and install
  • Available in different weights (other configurations available on request)
  • Environmentally safe (no protective wear required)
  • Proudly made in Australia


    • Residential ceilings, walls and roofs
    • Construction sites
    • Offices
    • Meeting rooms
    • Portable acoustic screens
    • Automotive


Technical Data

  • Achieves equivalent of 4kg, 6kg or 8kg noise barrier
  • Soft visco-elastic structure increases vibration damping and for better sound transmission loss
  • Low VOCs -less than a recognised threshold 0.5mg Green Star
  • Standard roll sizes:
  • AcoustiFlex SQ27 = 1.3 x 5.4m
  • AcoustiFlex SQ29 = 1.3 x 4.0m
  • AcoustiFlex SQ31 = 1.3 x 2.5m

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