Soundproofing Insulation

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Showing 1–12 of 48 results

Insulation Easy provides soundproof insulation supplies for the wall and others at home. Check out this page to see our sound insulation products and other soundproofing insulation.

Soundproofing Insulation generally refers to insulation products designed to create more noise control over residential homes and commercial buildings.

In today’s world, unwanted noise is becoming more of an issue, and not just from comfort. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), noise pollution can severely affect your mental and physical health.

Current trends in building construction techniques and modern open plan home design, coupled with the increased power of entertainment systems, have made Soundproofing Insulation’s inclusion control noise more essential.

Ask anyone that has ever lived in a noisy home where you can hear all the noise from the kid’s bedrooms while you’re trying to sleep, or noise from the home theatre room is disrupting peace while trying to work. You will understand just how vital Soundproof Insulation is.

It is best considered and built into the home or office at the time of construction of the house or building. The costs of optimally acoustically insulating a building as a percentage of the building cost during construction are minimal. Still, the impact on comfort and liveability are considerable. Post-construction options are much limited and much less effective, plus the prices are way much more.

The soundproofing insulation products are characteristically dense to either absorb sound waves or prevent transmission of sound waves and transfer noise from one room to another. 

Soundproofing Insulation for new construction:

Internal walls – It is advisable to include soundproofing insulation in inner walls around noisy areas, for instance, home theatres, bedrooms, etc. and around specific rooms like a home office or studies or bedrooms that you want to consider as particular quiet areas.

External walls will generally have thermal Insulation already, which will provide some measures of acoustic insulating effect. However, we advise you to increase the density of exterior walls Insulation for buildings where it is more likely to be high levels of external noise, such as near backing onto main roads, airports, proximity to neighboring properties, etc.

Between floors – for multi-level homes, multi-residential apartment, or office buildings, it is recommended to use acoustic Insulation between the feet to minimize noise transferred from above to below and vice versa.

Pipe lagging – another critical area that is often missed is the lagging of pipes. The waste pipes and water pipes that run through ceiling spaces or floors in multi-story buildings can emit considerable noise, which could be noticed for people living there. The proper lagging Insulation of pipes will minimize this.