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NuWave Acoustic Carpet Underlay

Thermotec Acoustic Carpet Underlay is a part of Thermotec’s High Performance NuWave Noise barrier Range of products. Thermotec Underlay reduces noise in both directions, noise traveling down through the floor and up through the ceiling. Thermotec Underlay is a high performing acoustic underlay that will ensure your application the best of soundproofing. Due to its innovative design and performance Thermotec Underlay is effective for airborne and impact noise applications.

Thermotec Underlay complies of flexible, high-density, limp mass polymers to take the energy out of sound waves across the hearing frequency spectrum, with a low-density direct extruded closed cell polyethylene base adhered to the underside of the product. Thermotec Underlay uses energy absorbing foam and a blocking barrier to counter noise trough floors.

NuWave Acoustic Carpet Underlay Installation

  • Use standard Domestic Carpet Gripper unless otherwise directed.
  • Lay closed cell foam side of underlay on to the floor surface.
  • Butt edges of Thermotec Underlay firmly together; underlay tape is necessary.
  • Thermotec Underlay should not be stapled to timber floors or attached by adhesive to concrete floors. By doing so, the acoustic properties may be reduced.
  • The product has sufficient weight to remain in a firm position during the fitting of the carpet.
  • Cut in as per normal rubber underlay installation.
  • Make certain the carpet is firmly attached to leading gripper pins.
  • Bolster carpet between far side gripper edge and skirting boards. Once again, check that the carpet is firmly attached to the gripper.



Thermotec NuWave  Acoustic Underlay shall be used in all areas where carpet  is to be installed to minimize  impact and airborne noise transmission to adjoining levels.

The underlay will be constructed of NuWave  mass loaded vinyl with a density of either 4kg, 6kg or 8kg (specify which density) per square metre, and will be bonded 5mm thickness Thermotec closed cell LDPE foam.

Concrete surfaces will be level and scraped free of surface inclusions The underlay must not be stapled or adhered into place. Edges will be butt joined  into place with an underlay tape used if required

STC/Rw rating 26 4kg/m2 1.35m 5m roll
STC/Rw rating 29 6kg/m2 1.35m 3m roll
STC/Rw rating 30 8kg/m2 1.35m 3m roll

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