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Thermotec 4-Zero Thermal Wrap Pipe Insulation

Thermotec 4-Zero thermal wrap pipe insulation has been developed to meet the demanding standards of commercial hot and cold water reticulating systems. With excellent thermal insulation performance, Thermotec 4-Zero provides the energy retention properties required by current building specifications. Thermotec, aluminium foil faced 4-Zero, meets the needs of the specifier that requires a high performing product while offering optimum resistance to fire. This product gives a “zero” rating when tested in accordance with AS/NZS1530.3 “early fire hazard properties of materials”. This pipe insulation contains up to 50% recycled materials, is environmentally safe, and meets the stringent low V.O.C. GreenStar and Green Building requirements. Looking for thermal pipe insulation suppliers? Thermotec Insulation Australia is one of the manufacturers.

“quality is not expensive, it’s priceless”

Product Information

  • Closed cell pre-formed thermal pipe insulation
  • Heat laminated, factory fitted, reinforced aluminium foil face
  • Higher density foam for longevity and durability
  • Suitable for underground applications
  • Low installed cost – Maximum energy savings
  • Resistant to moisture with high vapour resistance – anti-microbial
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons and most chemicals
  • Non-toxic fume performance – BS6853
  • Pre-slit for fast installation
  • Green Star compliant – low VOC and zero ozone depleting substances
  • Manufactured using up to 50% recycled material
  • The original and only genuine “4-Zero” Australian made pipe insulation

Thermotec 4-Zero Thermal Wrap Pipe Insulation Project Applications

  • Hospitals & Aged Care Facilities
  • Hotel & Entertainment
  • Commercial Buildings—Offices etc.
  • Public Service Facilities & Buildings
  • Shopping Centre Complexes
  • Multi Level Unit Housing
  • Luxury Accommodation Buildings

What to Specify?

The pipe insulation shall be Australian made Thermotec 4-Zero, fire retardant closed cell polyethylene foam, having a density of not less than 40kg/m3.

The pipe insulation shall have a wall thickness of either 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm or 50mm  (delete thickness not required) and incorporate a factory applied aluminium foil with a 25mm overlap. The pipe insulation shall comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia in accordance with  AS/NZS4859.1, AS3500.4 and tested to AS/NZS1530.3

All insulation shall be installed around the pipe work surface as tightly as possible without gaps. The edges and ends shall be tightly butted together and all joints and foil overlaps be taped using a 48mm wide 4-Zero rated pressure sensitive adhesive aluminium foil tape.

Where necessary, the preformed sections shall be cut (using a sharp knife) and mitred, to ensure a tight fit around elbows and at tees.

Where pipe size exceeds 101.6mm outside diameter, the insulation shall be specified as Thermotec 4-Zero   Thermalag  with factory applied aluminium foil, cut to predetermined width to exactly fit the pipe diameter.

Where supports and spacer blocks are used to support the pipe work, the pipe insulation shall be butted tightly up to the spacer blocks and sealed using a silicon sealant.

Energy Efficiency

Thermotec 4-Zero has been designed to provide maximum energy retention in pipework by enabling class  leading thermal resistant materials to ensure the most efficient wall thickness to meet todays stringent  requirements.  Meets requirements of the Australian Building Code.

Thermotec 4-Zero is aluminium foil faced, which not only provides excellent resistance to fire, but also  provides excellent heat reflecting properties.

Sizes Available

Pre-formed to suit pipe diameters from 13mm to 101.6mm. Wall thickness 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm & 50mm.

Thermotec 4-Zero Thermal Wrap Pipe Insulation Technical Data


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