Thermotec Insulation

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Showing all 6 results

Thermotec is Australia’s number one manufacturer of low density polyethylene foam products. Our product portfolio encompasses Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Solutions, and Polyethylene Foam.
Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are widely specified by architects and hydraulic and acoustic consultants both domestically and internationally.

Established in 1987 as a manufacturer of closed cell polyethylene foam pipe insulation and allied products (foam sheeting, expansion jointing and sealant backing rod), Thermotec has evolved to become an industry leader in:

  • Energy Saving: Full range of thermal insulation products including E-Flex ST and E-flex HT high efficiency pipe insulation and 4-Zero commercial pipe insulation.
  • Noise Control: Acoustic insulation including NuWrap acoustic sound lagging for waste pipes, and NuWave Mass Loaded Vinyl acoustic barriers.
  • Custom Foam: Closed cell polyethylene foam in tube, rod, sheet, net and customised profiles for insulation, protective packaging, building, Debonding foam, Pipe Sleeve, bedding, leisure, toy and manufacturing industries.

Thermotec Insulation Australia Pty Ltd has been manufacturing both thermal and acoustic products in Australia since 1987.

Producing and supplying a competitive World class range  of products is the result of continual product development,  manufacturing efficiencies, and a dedication to quality.

Thermotec Insulation products, such as 4-Zero pipe insulation, are  trusted to exceed  performance expectations, and are  designed to meet or exceed the Building Codes of the  Countries, States, Provinces or industry categories where they are specified and installed.

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