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Introducing Optimo Underfloor Insulation – Flooring Insulation Bradford’s Optimo™ offers the ultimate solution in underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, enhancing household warmth and diminishing energy expenses throughout the winter months.

The majority of Australian residences are equipped with ceiling insulation, and modern homes are now constructed with wall insulation as well, during the building process. However, suspended floors in homes often remain uninsulated, accounting for up to 20% of heat loss during the colder season. Bradford’s Optimo Underfloor insulation presents the remedy to address this overlooked area, enabling homeowners to optimize both comfort and energy efficiency within their abode.

Although a polished timber floor may exude warmth and allure, appearances can be misleading. In the absence of insulation, your flooring becomes the sole barrier between you and the outdoor elements. Without proper insulation, heat can escape, and drafts can infiltrate through the floorboards, leading to a chilly and unpleasant indoor environment. Bradford’s Optimo effectively acts as a shield, mitigating heat loss and preventing cold drafts from seeping in through floor gaps.

Optimo underfloor insulation effectively curbs heat loss during the winter months through suspended timber floors. It functions similarly to ceiling insulation, with the added advantage of thwarting drafts from entering via timber flooring. It plays a significant role in maintaining a cozy ambiance indoors throughout the winter season.

Employing it is akin to sealing a window during winter to reduce heat loss. When warmth is retained within your living space, it permits the utilization of heaters and air conditioners at lower settings. Enhanced appliance efficiency translates into decreased energy expenses. Optimo even supports achieving a 6-star energy rating and adheres to VEET standards.

User-Friendly Installation

It is meticulously designed to snugly fit between floor joists, streamlining the installation process. For new constructions, it can be placed above the joists using the unique Optimo Saddle system. Alternatively, for existing floors, it can be easily installed beneath the floor through the Optimo strap system. For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the Installing Optimo section.

Enhanced Noise Control and Comfort

Airborne external noise can infiltrate your living space wherever air can penetrate, including through suspended floors. Optimo functions not only as a thermal insulator but also as an acoustic barrier. By minimizing reverberations in suspended timber floors, Optimo imparts a more solid sensation underfoot. CSR’s research attests that Optimo boasts the most impressive acoustic performance among all underfloor insulation options in Australia.

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