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Old Insulation removal and a ceiling vacuum is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Good insulation keeps your home comfortable, safe and saves you money on electricity. However, over time, old insulation can break down and lose it’s effectiveness, especially if you have blown in cellulose insulation.

Worse still, over time, old insulation can become moldy, collect dust, rodent & cockroach feces and become a breeding ground for germs and airborne pathogens, which can filter into your living space via light fittings and other gaps in your ceiling.

Old insulation removal, either old insulation batts or degenerated blow in insulation, along with any other debris that has accumulated over the years, followed by a ceiling vacuum will help to keep your home safer and protect yours & your family’s health.

Once your loft space is clear and clean, we can then install high quality insulation to reduce unwanted heat and sound to create a more comfortable, more cost effective living environment within your home.

Why choose us Insulation Easy for your old insulation removal & ceiling vacuum?

Easy, because for best results, old insulation removal and ceiling vacuuming should be undertaken by a professional team with the right equipment.

At Insulation Easy we have been successfully and safely performing old blow in insulation and insulation batt removal for more than 15 years. We have fully trained teams that use state of the art  commercial grade insulation vacuuming equipment to create an end result that is cleaner and safer. All our work is fully insured and warranted for your peace of mind and satisfaction. See us on Facebook.

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