The form is a legal document – please read and follow these Guidelines before completing the Application

  • Please answer all questions in full.
  • Do not use abbreviations or “as above” or ditto marks
  • The Name of the Applicant must be the Name of the ABN Holder as per the ASIC register.
  • The nomination of 3 Trade Referees must be suppliers (registered ABN holders, not
    personal) that you hold a 30-Day Commercial Credit Account with, not a cash sale account.
  • Please ensure that all Reference Nominees do provide Trade References.
  • Please also ensure you nominate Referees that you trade with to a level comparable to the Credit Limit you wish to Apply for and provide their Full Name, Address, Landline, Phone and Fax numbers or Email address
  • Please provide physical addresses in Full and include State and Postcode.
  • Please ensure that all Phone and Fax Numbers (other than 1300 numbers) include the Area
  • If you provide a Personal Guarantee, each Personal Guarantee must be witnessed by an
    independent individual, not a family member or a person with a fiduciary interest in your
    company, such as a co-Director or Company Secretary or Shareholder. Remember to Date it.
  • Please note as this is a legal document incomplete or incorrect information may render the
    Application invalid so if you have any questions or require any assistance please don’t
    hesitate to contact us.
  • After initial assessment we will contact you to arrange our collection of the entire completed
    original document.

Thank you for your attention to these details and we look forward to being of service to you.

I have read and understood the guidelines.